Welcome to the Family Mason…

Well it happened again.  “What?” you might ask. Life.  Life happened. The hours turned into days.  The days turned into weeks.  The weeks turned into months and again time has passed by faster than it has before.  I find myself looking back and wondering, “When did everyone start growing up so fast?”  I have been busy with work and life forgetting that everyone else’s lives have also been changing, not just my own.

Fortunately for me I was able to pause my life, if only for a weekend, and catch up with the lives of some other people I care about in this world.  I boarded a flight to Texas to go meet up with my roommate from college, Aaron, to go visit our friends Aaron and Stephanie Castañeda and welcome their son Mason into the family.  Thankfully he looks more like his mother than his father.

Aaron and Stephanie are the first friends my age to have a child, so I wanted to get a sense of what it is like to take care of  little Mason. Here are a few things I learned in only four days with Mason.  It quickly became apperant that sleep is a precious commodity when taking care of a two-month old.

One parent has to catch up on sleep whenever possible while the other takes care of business.

It is important to work out a shift system to best quell the rebellion of feedings, poopy diapers(that’s a technical term), and crying fits.

That there is a fortune to be made in selling adult size devices that are made for putting babies to sleep.  I was envious from the first time I saw Mason passed out in this swing.  I would buy one of these swings in a second if La-Z-Boy made them in my size.

If you happen to find yourself holding a sleeping child, enjoy it while it last.  Aaron knows that better than anyone because Mason was often more fussy with him than anyone else.  Here is one of the rare moments when they were in harmoney with each other.

When a grandparent offers to take care of your child for a night take full advantage.  This is the morning after we went out in Austin while Stephanie’s mom took care of Mason; I got the feeling no one wanted their picture taken here.

Aaron has probably felt a lot better in his life…

Playing with a baby will always put a smile on your face.

But even that can take a toll on you.

Finally I learned that no matter what, once you lock eyes with someone this beautiful everything else seems a little less important. Mason is a very lucky boy to be the son of such wonderful people.  I know they both love him more than life, and will do everything in their power to make his life as amazing as they can.  And he also has two awesome uncles that are always there for him if he ever needs them.


One response

  1. Granda Nana

    Pellet-what a cool story! I’m so glad Aaron has a good friend in you. College friends last forever!

    August 25, 2011 at 2:22 am

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