Lets Get This Party Started…

Balance.  It is a constant exercise. Whether it is finding time for friends between work, the right jacket to wear on a day that is cold but not that cold, or, more importantly for me, the visual balance of elements in a photograph.  Balance is what we are all trying to find daily in our lives.  This post isn’t about the first two situations, but it is the first post of many about trying to visually balance a photograph.  Well at least it is about the elements of balance I think about when I’m making photographs and then editing photographs.

How I go from this…

…to this.

I’m using the word balance in a metaphysical sense; really I’m talking about the execution of compositional techniques.  Points of interest, the visual weight they all hold, and how to accentuate elements of a photograph through various methods.  Over the next few months my goal is to break down some of my photographs, possibly some more famous works, in order to help others, and myself, to be able to speak more intelligently about a piece of “art.”  To try to broaden the collective lexicon when describing art further than just, “I like it because…well I just do.”

By simplifying the contents of my photos, using bright dayglow colors, franticly drawn zigzag lines, pompous use of polysyllabic words,  and some humor I hope to get more people excited to think and talk about composition.  So if you like AWESOME diagrams like this than you’re in luck because that’s where I’m going with this series of post.

So stay tuned, because next week we will begin our visual journey.


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