Más Ocupar…


These photos are from yesterday’s Occupy DC action at the offices’ of the US House of Representatives.     The protest had already started as I arrived, so I quickly made my way to the middle of the crowd.  Anyone who has seen some of my previous post might be sick of seeing my photos of people taking photos, but this is a little different because many of the Occupiers are now streaming live videos with chat as they protest. Tracesofjupiter:History in the making! #OccupyCongress #J17

After being outside the Occupiers moved into the Congressional offices.

Waiting for his fellow Occupiers…

After wandering the halls for a bit it was time to head back to the streets.  Apparently more people like V for Vendetta than I thought.  Who knew?

Some bus riders we fans of the protest unfolding around them; some just wanted to get home.

Here a police officer found himself outnumbered and surrounded. There were no injuries and for the most part everyone behaved themselves on both sides of the Law.

The following photos are from around the Capital building, where the crowd went after marching.

My favorite of the day…

After eating food and rehydrating the crowd went to the Supreme Court, then on to the White House.

Until next time…


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